Pain-Free Sedation Dentistry

To ensure Loudoun Smile Center patients are relaxed and have a positive experience we offer Sedation Dentistry. Our friendly and professional team provide clear explanations and take the time you need to feel comfortable. Different levels of sedation can help calm patients and minimize discomfort during a procedure. When you make an appointment, our dentist will evaluate whether sedation is right for you and recommend a treatment plan. Many insurance policies cover part of full anesthesia.

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What is Dental Anesthesia?

Dental anesthesia can be administered to relax a patient in more than one way. Usually, patients remain awake during the entire procedure in a calm and sleepy state. At Loudoun Smile Center, all sedation methods are administered and monitored by a board-certified, in-office anesthesiologist. Nitrous oxide (sometimes called laughing gas) can be mixed with oxygen and inhaled through an oxygen mask to achieve the right level of anesthesia before a treatment begins. Depending on the amount inhaled, this type of anesthesia wears off quickly so you can leave our office in a completely normal, clear-headed state without much downtime after the procedure.

Another form of dental anesthesia our on-staff anesthesiologist can administer is intravenous (IV) sedation. As a drip or injection, it works quickly to leave you calm and relaxed, even if a treatment takes a few hours to complete.

Loudoun Smile Center - Sedation Dentistry

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