Choices in Fillings

When restoring damaged or decayed teeth there is a choice of the type of dental filling material to use. You may choose to have white, tooth-colored filling (composite or porcelain) or silver amalgam restorations. The Loudoun Smile Center team can discuss the best option for you.

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White vs. Silver Fillings

White fillings have a more pleasing and natural tooth-like appearance and have the potential advantage of not containing mercury or other metals that may contribute to sensitivity or toxicity. Some patients have metal sensitivities and reported a metal taste after the placement of amalgam fillings. White, or composite, fillings are now just as durable as silver, or amalgam, fillings and can be used even for molars.

White filings materials require less tooth preparation and may not weaken the affected tooth as much as silver fillings, which often require more extensive tooth preparation. However, silver fillings have a long-term track record and may last longer than composite fillings.

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