Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing industries because a beautiful smile is one of the most desired physical features among both men and women. Whether your teeth are crowded, spaced out, missing or gaped, cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you have always dreamed of. It also isn’t as tricky, as painful or as expensive as you might think. One way that dentists make the process easy and affordable is by creating cosmetic mock ups. Not sure what these are? Keep reading!

Cosmetic mock ups are plastic pieces that are carefully shaped, placed on the teeth and then hardened. The flexible plastic is a natural ivory color, which allows you and your dentist to get an idea of what the results will look like before deciding on a plan of action. The mock up stays on the teeth only for photographic purposes and is easily removed once a collection of images has been taken. You and your dentist can then review the photos to determine whether or not any changes need to be made or whether or not you think the procedure is worth the time, pain and money.

Mock ups are quite helpful when it comes to cosmetic dentistry because they give the patient a way to know how the final results will turn out before he or she commits. This in turn saves both the patient and the dentist time and money. Most dentists offer complimentary consultations and some of them even offer the first mock up free of charge. If you have been thinking about correcting your smile once and for all, you should look around for a cosmetic dentistry professional who offers mock ups. The practice is rather common, so you should have no problem finding a cosmetic dentist in your local area.

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Cosmetic Dental Mockups Explained by Loundon Smile Center